The platform for limitless learning

YouTube and MOOC platforms have revolutionized the way people learn. They provide billions of people with the capacity and freedom to learn any skill, anywhere, any time, quickly or in-depth. And from the world's top experts, authors, faculties and instructors.

Learninghubz's brings the very best of this learning culture to your organization and all your people.

Learninghubz is the platform for continuous learning, where all your people can build and grow the skills they need to thrive faster and without limits.

A YouTube-like digital learning platform that sits within your existing learning ecosystem that brings together the best bitesize videos, management tips, tutorials,  classes, expert insights and courses — all gathered from YouTube and other leading MOOC platforms.

Why L&D Loves Learninghubz

Diversity and variety

Thousands of video courses to hone every skill

Captivating content

Engaging bitesize content that keeps people coming back for more

Simple and accessible

Fast to set up, easy to manage and personalised support you can rely on

Always up to date

Fresh content added every day to keep your staff ahead of the learning curve

Flexible autonomy

Learn your way by creating your own learning paths, pages and courses

Secure study

A SaaS-based, secure learning platform hosted in the Azure Cloud

Power to you 

Study on your own terms, towards your own learning goals 

Progress in your pocket

Learn on your time, at your pace, on any device

Real impact

Raise your results by learning from subject experts and thought leaders

Quick wins

Learn key takeaways that stick in minutes, instead of hours

Shareable study 

Give yourself time to reflect on, share and discuss your progress