Content curation

Provide the best learning content. Respond faster to L&D goals.
Engage more. Spend less.

The right content for your team, at their fingertips

Finding relevant, valuable content is increasingly difficult, making it harder than ever for employees to learn. With Learninghubz, your team has access to an expertly curated library of high-quality learning content on almost any skill, so they can quickly and easily find what’s right for them. 

Leverage your subject matter experts

Your subject matter experts add tremendous value to your organisation. Make the most of their knowledge with Learninghubz. Using a simple tool, your experts can add, organise and share their content curation, so it’s readily available to everyone.

Create continuous learning culture

Giving employees access to high-quality learning content is a gamechanger. Everyone is empowered to learn – whenever, wherever and however they want to – without having to request a particular course or programme. 

Save money with expertly curated content

Don’t waste your budget on endless and expensive content libraries. For most of your upskilling needs, expertly curated videos, skill playlists and courses from YouTube and leading MOOC platforms are much more engaging and deliver better results. 

Let us do the hard work for you

Content curation can be time consuming. That’s why we scour YouTube and leading MOOC platforms every day to find, filter, contexualise and upload the best content from world-class instructors, authors and faculties to your custom library.