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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Learninghubz?

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Learninghubz is a workplace digital learning platform bundled with the very best and most relevant library of online videos (curated from YouTube) and online courses (curated from leading MOOC platforms) for professional and leadership development while also integrating company's training content, fostering learning in the flow of work through rapid skill-building.

Does Learninghubz produce content?

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No. Our focus is on content curation. We think there is already excellent high-quality training content available online, on Youtube, Leading MOOC platforms, and other sources. With Learninghubz content curation and YouTube-style application, organisations can effortlessly provide their employees with the best and most relevant videos and courses on the most in-demand and relevant skills and request specific content curation.

How is content curation done?

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Since 2004 our curation team identifies and follows top YouTube channels and MOOC providers, watching hundreds of videos and courses every month to select the very best on the professional, leadership, management and business skills.

We have three guidelines for video content curation:

- World-class authors, thought leaders, business schools and creators

- Skills and domains relevant for today's professionals and leaders

- Engaging formats: short duration, direct, practical, high-quality video

We also respond to our customer requests. Many new topics we started to curate started with one customer.

For online courses, we curate the most popular and highest rated courses offered with free access from the leading MOOC platforms (in some cases, the certificate of completion is paid).

In a nutshell, Learningubz works as your company's specialist on learning content curation. The best possible specialist, your L&D team, can have.

How many learning resources does Learninghubz provide?

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Currently, 10.000 plus videos and courses, and we're adding dozens of new content every week, and upon our clients request. This is done so we can ensure you get the best  latest and updated resources every time you are searching for a specific topic.

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