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Youtube-style learning

Learninghubz is the YouTube of workplace learning.
The ultimate video library for your employees' lifelong development.

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content curation

Your carefully curated
learning library

With 10.000+ videos, building skills in the flow of work is easy. From #shorts and quick tips to expert lessons, we curate the very best content on YouTube from best-selling authors and industry leaders on the most relevant skills for your people and business. Continuously updated, expertly curated.

content curation

Relevant courses
Reliable outcomes

Online courses are great for guided learning. But you need the right ones for your workforce. Learninghubz curates relevant courses from LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, Udemy and more, so your team can easily access the content they need to progress.

content curation

content curation

Can’t find the specific content you need? Learninghubz will curate it for you. We’ll source, select and contextualise the exact content you need, and add it to your library – no matter the topic.


Build your own online
learning academies

From individual goals to company initiatives, meet the needs of your entire workforce with Learninghubz. Build learning academies (or learning clusters) with shareable pages and playlists packed full of videos, courses, articles and documents.


An engaging
learning experience

No restrictions or rigid structures — just the unbridled freedom for your employees to learn their own way, without limits. Designed to feel familiar, fun and easy to use, with social-media-style features – including customised recommendations, personalised playlists and shareable content.

But wait, there’s more

Fast implementation

Implement, customise and launch Learninghubz in a few days, not months or weeks. 

LMS Integration

Learninghubz doesn't replace your LMS. It works side by side.  With our API your LMS can integrate all content gaining a new life!

Single sign-on

Simplify access and administration with single sign on using SAML 2.0. 

Complete analytics

Access the dashboard to gain real-time insights into learner engagement, progress and achievement. 

Why L&D Loves Learninghubz

Diversity and variety

Thousands of video courses to hone every skill

Captivating content

Engaging bitesize content that keeps people coming back for more

Simple and accessible

Fast to set up, easy to manage and personalised support you can rely on

Always up to date

Fresh content added every day to keep your staff ahead of the learning curve

Flexible autonomy

Learn your way by creating your own learning paths, pages and courses

Secure study

A SaaS-based, secure learning platform hosted in the Azure Cloud

Power to you 

Study on your own terms, towards your own learning goals 

Progress in your pocket

Learn on your time, at your pace, on any device

Real impact

Raise your results by learning from subject experts and thought leaders

Quick wins

Learn key takeaways that stick in minutes, instead of hours

Shareable study 

Give yourself time to reflect on, share and discuss your progress
"An initiative, based on the concept of lifelong learning, that reinforces the development path we want to follow at Randstad. A path that everyone can follow autonomously and to their own measure, choosing which content makes the most sense for them. We guide. Each person decides.  It's a partnership that adds value to our organisation and our talents, always on a basis of trust and with excellent monitoring."
Marta Serrano, HR Business Partner -  Randstad Portugal
"Learninghubz has enabled Sonae to offer a diversified online training experience to all our employees based on short videos, which are today the best way for continuous, fast and attractive learning. We feel that employees are increasingly embracing this new paradigm. For our training area, it is a change that brings huge advantages of scale, consistency and speed in responding to the different training needs within Sonae".
Cristina Rodrigues, People & LearningArea Manager -  Sonae
With a diverse, relevant and engaging supply of brief learning resources in key competence areas, Learninghubz repositioned a continuous learning model sporting a democratic and responsive skill development approach for the entire organisation.
Sónia Silva  -  Turismo de Portugal
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Learninghubz empowers training and knowledge sharing amongst our professionals. Employees have full autonomy over what and when to learn, positioning themselves to be fundamentally responsible for their own personal and professional development. One of its best features is facilitating the allocation and promotion of internal training sessions, for instance webinars. Customer service is excellent, always available, quick and effective.
Cátia Forte  -  Banco de Portugal
Without doubt an excellent tool. An innovative, distinct and disruptive solution for training management. Provides an enormous personal and professional value by ensuring a responsive, practical and immediate learning freeway for the continuous development of our employees. A single space where professionals can easily select the most relevant and suitable resources at a time and place most convenient. It’s clearly a recognisable factor within our vision for continuous learning.
Sandra Campos  -  321 Crédito
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