My Learning


With all activities organized in one place, improving or acquiring new skills becomes more manageable and attainable than ever before. My Learning enables your team's to save, organize, prioritize, track, and share  their online learning activities and resources, regardless of platform or source.

Connecting people with the things they need and enjoy to learn at work.

Get Learning

With My Learning your teams have the choice to manage their continuous learning activities with the help of a system tailored learning regardless of platform or source. The system helps them keep track of their learning activities, including what is pending, in progress, completed, or archived. This way, they know exactly what to do when it's time to learn. My Learning helps your team stay engaged and motivated to continue learning and growing.

Take notes.

Taking notes is a key reflection habit to understand and and keep things in our long term memory. Don’t forget to summarise what you and your teams have learned by writing down the relevant key points for each activity.

Organized with relevant

Empower people taking control of their professional development by welcoming their choices both with and beyond the availability of the corporate Learning Hub. Give them the choice to organize their learning references and activities in ways more suited to their work. Finally bring it all into the fold by enriching the Learning Hub with their choices.

Empowered team learning.

Empower team learning by letting them create together reusable collections of learning references per common interests, projects or tasks. As their are at it, let them mentor each other by the sharing learning activities most suited to the team's goals.

All from within your Learning Hub.

My Learning is a dedicated space within your Learning Hub giving users options to track their activities across all references in the library: mark an activity as completed, see what's pending and in progress. All input is then reflected in its analytics and metrics dashboards.