4 Videos That Will Improve The Way We Work

Last week, I had the privilege of speaking at the CIPD Exhibition and Conference in Manchester. My main objective during the presentation was to emphasize the significance of YouTube as a global learning platform that caters to individuals of all generations, covering a wide range of topics, including corporate learning.

Throughout my presentation, I showcased four remarkable videos that I stumbled upon during my previous employment. These videos were eye-opening moments for me as they provided valuable insights and knowledge on fundamental skills and subjects. The best part was that I could conveniently access them on my laptop, whether I was at work or home, without the need for authorization or company-funded training. This seamless learning experience led me to envision a new venture and one year later, I left my company to create Learninghubz.

Now, let's dive into the four videos that changed my thinking about how we work.

7 Ways to Improve Your Empathy

Don Crawley

This particular video by Don Crawley had a profound impact on my understanding of empathy and how I could become more empathetic in my interactions. In just three minutes, the video encapsulated essential insights that broadened my perspective on empathy. Even now, I frequently revisit this video to reinforce my understanding and remind myself of its valuable lessons.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Book Summary


This video provides a captivating summary of the classic personal development book I was blown away by the compelling storytelling, engaging voiceover, and background music. The video effectively outlined the seven habits. I often find myself sharing this video with customers and prospects, as it serves as a great introduction to the principles explored in the book.

5 Ways To Become Happier Today

Tal Ben-Shahar

Learning from a Harvard Professor about positive psychology was limited  to Harvard students. Not anymore. We can all benefit from the wisdom shared by esteemed professors like him. The video offers valuable tips on cultivating happiness in our lives, presented in easily digestible, bite-sized portions.

Business Model Canvas: Visualize, Challenge and Re-Invent Business Models

Alex Osterwalder

Watching this video felt like attending a masterclass at Stanford, led by one of the most brilliant minds in innovation, Alex Osterwalder. The insights and strategies shared in this video have been invaluable to me. I have revisited it numerous times, as it provides a comprehensive understanding of the Business Model Canvas and empowers individuals to challenge and reinvent existing business models.

Interestingly, three years later, I had the opportunity to attend a two-day workshop in London conducted by Alex Osterwalder himself. While the networking aspect and the chance to take a selfie were exciting, I realized that the knowledge I gained from watching his video was already extensive, making the workshop more of a reaffirmation than a brand-new learning experience.

These four videos truly had a positive impact on the way I work. They brought me valuable insights that helped to shape my professional development. These are just four examples of what we can learn on YouTube. Undoubtedly, YouTube offers unlimited possibilities to learn anything and is within everyone's reach for free!

Everyone can benefit from the wealth of information in a convenient way and at their own pace. By taking advantage of the vast resources available online, we can certainly expand our skills, keep up with industry trends, and continuously improve our work performance.

These four videos not only improved the way I work, but also made an impact on my professional trajectory. They provided me with new insights and broadened my perspective on various subjects, helping to carve out the professional I am today. However, it's worth noting that these videos represent just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the learning capacity through YouTube.

YouTube stands out as a constantly expanding universe, full of information and teachings on the most varied subjects, all free and available to anyone with internet access. On YouTube, any one of us can explore and learn at our own pace, without the pressure of schedules or deadlines. The flexibility and convenience that this platform offers are simply incomparable. It also allows us to stay updated on emerging trends in our sectors and areas of interest. Whether you are a digital marketing expert, an artist looking for new techniques, or a businessman looking for business strategies, YouTube always has something valuable to offer. Therefore, if we make the most of the vast resources available online, we not only have the opportunity to expand our set of skills and knowledge, but we can also continuously perfect our work performance.