Corporate Learning: Three + One Things To Remember

  1. It's Ok to replace old learning platforms
  2. Embrace microlearning
  3. Be creative about new forms of content

Let me add a 4: Curate learning content.

Today Youtube and MOOC platforms (ex: Coursera, Udemy) provide a fantastic offer of high-quality vídeo-microlearning content and courses from top authors and business schools, every day updated, that are world-class learning resources that companies can provide to their employees (with a very low investment vs traditional training format).

Content curation is therefore a fundamental activity for Human Resources L&D.

Has your organization embraced these four directions?

How to create a culture of self-development in your company? A key question and 6 practical steps.

Organisations that are most successful in creating a culture of self-development, it is clear to all employees that they must set aside a dedicated time slot in their schedule, protected from "distractions" to focus on their development and that this setting aside of time and focus is part of their job description.

And in your organisation?