6 Ways to Create a Culture of Continuous Self-development

HR and L&D managers are both essential to ensuring that learning is directed toward company-wide goals. However it's not possible to integrate a learning culture without also advocating for it.

Making learning part of employees’ day-to-day life will make it a working habit. Ensuring that employees have easy accessibility and availability to learning is key. Whether you’re a manager, or in a leadership position, here are six ways on how to create a company culture focused on personal growth through continuous learning.

  1. Provide access to quality e-learning resources (internal and online) that address a broad spectrum of employee development needs. Providing access to Youtube, Coursera and other MOOCs within the company is an essential step alongside in-house digital on-demand training.
  2. Instruct employees to set aside time in their schedule for self-training by explaining to them that they are expected to be proactive in identifying their training needs and dedicate time for self-development.
  3. Invite managers to do self-development coaching: identify the training needs of their employees, recommend training resources, set aside time for their self-development.
  4. Promote regularly through newsletters or other means of internal communication the self-development resources available in the company, encouraging a proactive attitude to training.
  5. Establish a training KPI of time for self-development (e.g. 35h/year). KPIs clarify what is expected from employees and help them to manage their priorities.
  6. Involve top management in actively promoting a learning culture. Leadership has a fundamental role in communication and change management.

To sum up, implementing a learning culture only has its perks it can drive performance, boost employee engagement and develop internal future leaders.