Why Using Video Content Curation In Your L&D Strategy is a Game-Changing Opportunity

We all know by now: most employees in our companies have no time for training and feel no return when they take days or hours off for training, whether classroom or eLearning.But training needs have not decreased, quite the contrary. Today we need to update our "software" much more often so that we can be more productive, be aware of opportunities and be better able to collaborate effectively.

This reality has imposed 4 trends in training:

  1. Microlearning: Short videos as the predominant model for training
    A large part of traditional training will be replaced by video format, no longer than 15 minutes (ideally up to 5 minutes). The trainee gains flexibility (can watch anywhere), can watch or review the training effortlessly and feels a much greater return for the time invested.
  2. Practical component of the training is the application of what is learned the next day at work
    Any training can be carried out when the job requires it and its application is immediate. The training model where somewhere during the year you take a few days of training that will be useful in the following years, makes less and less sense.
  3. The employee is responsible for his/her own training
    Manager is the coachNobody knows better what training you need for your professional development and the best time to do it than you, the employee. Free access to training removes barriers to individual growth. The manager is the coach who helps identifying needs and suggesting training contents.
  4. Responsibility of the HR-Training Department to meet new employee training needs
    To boost this new model, organisations will have to implement internally a digital training space which
    1) provides a wide catalogue of microlearning in video format which addresses the main skills to be developed
    2) is permanently accessible (online) to all employees
    3) offers an irresistible user experience for the employee and provides complete analytics for training management
    4) provides simple and effective tools for the training areas to promote certain topics among employees.
    Much of that library should be based on content available online on platforms like Youtube, because that's where the best and most up-to-date content is at 0 cost.

These trends are a path that will result in the continuous growth of employees, alignment of training with the company's strategy and much greater cost efficiency. A path within the reach of any company.Note: Learninghubz creates for companies a new digital training space with a library of high quality microlearning-video content (and 80% under 10 min).