My Learning


For learners.

Effective learning starts with just a bit of discipline and organisation, make it frictionless. Teams and people efficiently get learning done and shared with all activities easily trackable and organised in a single place.

My Learning


Amazing work starts with the things people need to do and love to learn. With My Learning, teams have the chance to save, organize, track what they learn and mentor each other by sharing learning activities. One single space where learning references are always available to be used and reused whenever suited.

Connecting people with the things they need and love to learn at work.

Get Learning

No learning is left behind. To keep learning goals on track, have your people manage their continuous flow of learning activities with a to-do like list specifically tailored to their needs. When is time to learn they know without effort what is pending, in progress, completed or archived. Its just a matter of picking an activity to start, continue or recap.


Taking notes is key reflection tools to understand and and keep things in our long term memory. Don’t forget to summarise what you have learned by writing down the keypoints taken with each activity.

Organise your learning.

Whilst working, collect all the things you learn into a single place. Create collections of knowledge as per your favourite subjects, work goals or projects - your own fine tuned personal knowledge base.

is better.

Join forces with colleagues and co-create collections around common interests, follow theirs and ask them to follow yours. As you are at it invite them to take on specific learning actives.

Integrated with
your company
Learning hub.

Of course you may add and track any learning activity across the web. But even better
is to do it with things from your company’s carefully curated learning library powered by learninghubz.