Curated for the modern learner: your people

Today employees are more distracted and busier than ever. They want quick and impactful learning experiences.

Our curation continuously selects and organizes the most engaging and latest online videos on key management skills and new thinking from world class experts that your people will love to learn from.

  • +4.000 curated high quality videos from leading business schools professors, authors and experts
  • Short duration, engaging formats: Management tips, white board sessions, talks, lectures, book reviews, mini-series 
  • Curated by an expert team, not machines
  • Permanently updated. Zero effort for L&D Pros

Content is king (also in learning)

Learninghubz is permantently curating great content on key skills for professional and leadership development, and adding them to you learninghub. Watch these:

"Make a commitment to be an eternal learner"

- Robin Sharma -

Perfect for your content

Your informal learning resources and curated content always visible,
easily searchable and beautifully organized.


Your content

Add videos, presentation or any other learning content to build your content library that you can update anytime


Curated Content

Why create when you can curate? Add specialized knowledge and industry expert resources from online sources to your content library.


Organize and highlight

Easily create playlists and thematic pages to organize your learning and promote specific topics.

Engaging learning experience

Life-long learning for busy professionals must have impact, quick to access and available when people have time and peace of mind for it.

  • Consumer-grade UX with most wanted social features: Share, discuss and recommend to colleagues
  • Mobile first: Your Car, your commuting, your jogging is the new Digital Classroom
  • Individual Dashboard with goal setting and detailed learning analytics
  • Curated management tips sent weekly by email

Plugs-in beautifully in your learning ecosystem


Simple and fast to deploy. Easy to customize.


Fast and Simple Roll Out

Fast and simple roll out. No integrations or complex customization needed to launch.


Analytics Integration

Detailed analytics, xAPI integraton and exportable usage data for in deeper analysis and reporting


Your Learning Brand

Customizable design scheme to provide a branded experience


SaaS Application for the Entreprise

Secure, reliable, private

We host everything within the world class Azure Web Services cloud and use AES-256 encryption both in transit and at rest.

Super simple for IT People

Your IT people will love Learninghubz: no installation, no software, no complex integrations and no support. And it is has great content they’ll love to learn form.

“Self-education is, I firmly believe,
the only kind of education there is.”

— Isaac Asimov

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